Restoration Life Ministries: Where Faith Finds Action

At Restoration Life Church, we believe that faith is meant to be lived out.Our ministries offer a variety of opportunities to connect with your purpose, use your gifts, and make a real difference in the lives of others.

Restoration Kids Ministry

We make God real to our children, and here  Jesus is known and understood, We encourage them to develop a relationship with Christ that involves their spirit, soul, and body as they walk out what they learn.

We're excited to have your child join us today! For a safe and efficient drop-off/pick-up, please sign them in/out daily using the form below.

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Restoration Life Youth

Restoration Life Youth is an atmosphere of young men and ladies who loves God and live exemplary lives of impact, productivity, service and love to humanity; with purpose there is a loving safe place for them to have fun and grow in God. 

The Widows Mission

Our vision is extended. At Restoration Life Church we are bringing light into some of the darkest places on earth. Feeding the poor and neglected widows and children in Africa desperately in need of food and shelter.

Restoration Outreach Ministry

We are not a building. We are not an event. We are a family, God’s family. We come from all walks of life and nationalities. Our goal is to glorify God, raise disciples that carry the demeanor of the kingdom of Heaven, reach the lost with the gospel, create an atmosphere where the people can encounter the practical manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and spread the gospel among all nations, beginning in Mount Laurel, N.J.